wahmhoff consult bases upon 20 years of professional career in environmental sciences. The scale of work consists of consulting services with focus on the examination and validation of contaminations in soil and buildings, environmental due dilligence auditions and planning services in shallow geothermy. Place of the company ist the city of Bonn, North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. Clients are investors, project managers, public- and private clientsn.

With consultants in ground investigation, architecture and statics close cooperations are established. Together we are able to give secure give answers to the following questions referring the revitalisation of industrial pre-used sites:


• Identification and localisation of soil - and groundwater - contaminations and validations of hazards, costs and usage limitations

• Waste managementand quantification/cost estimates for excavation projects

• Identification of building pollutants and validation referring necessary decontamination and disposal activities

• Environmental Due Dilligence services / Environmental site assessments

• Planning, bid invitations and work supervision for decontamination and demolition projects

• Waste managementand quantification/cost estimates for decontamination and demolition projects

• Soil statics, validation of geotechnical conditions

Im Produktbereich oberflächennahe Geothermie werden Leistungen von der Konzeptionierung über Planung bis hin zur Qualitätssicherung und Fachbauleitung von Erdwärmeanlagen erbracht.

Ziel der Projektbearbeitung ist es immer, für den Auftraggeber durch professionelle und fachkundige Beratung komplexe Fragestellungen aus den Bereichen Altlasten, Flächenrecycling und Geothermie in erfassbare und kalkulierbare Lösungen umzuwandeln.


wahmhoff consult


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